The dog & pony dc Exchange

An online marketplace that allows you to directly invest in programming that is upending the way theatre is created and shared in DC and across the country.

Every month we will highlight items vital for the success of dog & pony dc programming. From artist stipends to production costs, to the next Beertown artifact, you will have the opportunity to specifically invest in items you’re excited by, believe in, or are simply attracted to and want to champion.

By sponsoring an item through the exchange you are guaranteeing a win for our next performance, class, or community event. You are guaranteeing a win for yourself, and for the future of theatre.

All investments are tax deductible with no hidden fees! 100% of every dollar goes directly to championing dog & pony dc.

This month we are highlighting our signature show, Beertown.
Can you capture your community’s identity in a collection of objects? Every five years, the citizens of Beertown tackle this creative, civic responsibility as they unearth their beloved Time Capsule and ritualistically review its contents.