We're Having A Party

Come celebrate d&pdc 6th b-day!

Please consider making a gift to dog & pony dc for our 6th birthday. Here are a few amazing, yet practical things, we'll need to get to Cleveland!

$10 - Sponsor a load of laundry! Please help make our actors smell good! (12 laundry loads)

$50 - Sponsor a tankful of gas. It'll get us there. We've got 5 cars heading west.

$100 - Sponsor a car there and back! Thanks for getting us home again.

$200 - Sponsor a airline ticket. We need to get 2 artists there on a plane.

$500 - Sponsor a snazzy rental van to get all our stuff to the theatre. (Yes, this includes hauling lollipops.)

$1000 - Sponsor a performer. We got 6 that need to be house, fed...and could also use a ticket to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Will you help?

Sponsorships will get you pictures of your money in action! So you can be there with us (even if you can't be there in person).

But of course, we are grateful for your support at any amount.


Recipients & Amounts

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