Beertown Bottlenecks Ice Rink

A community that skates together stays together!

The Beertown Bottlenecks Ice Rink has been keeping Beertonians cool and fit for over two decades. Originally opened by the city, it is now run by Friends of the Beertown Bottlenecks Ice Rink (FOBBIR) a volunteer organization.

Children learn to skate by day (as close to year-round as the chillers make it possible) and area hockey fans can cheer on minor league hockey fights, er, games by night. (Let's go Bottlenecks!!)

And every third Monday there's a blood drive between 8am and noon. Because the Bottlenecks are community-minded like that.

Please join us in supporting the 20th Quinquennial Time Capsule Day. Maybe this is the year we'll get Tall-boy Wiley's stick in from the league championship game of 1993. (Let's go Bottlenecks!!)