Want affordable, accessible & diverse theatre?

Support d&pdc's active efforts through Toast!

dog & pony dc needs you to make theatre affordable, accessible, and inclusive as possible. For the upcoming premiere of Toast, d&pdc has these initiatives in play:

The Rolling Premiere: 21 shows in 7 different locations across the area, in an effort to connect directly with the greater DC metro area. A few of our locations include the Anacostia Arts Center, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library at University of Maryland, and The Lookout.

Diversity and Inclusion: 17 performers rotating through a cast of 6 characters! 60% of the cast are new to d&pdc (many of whom are already becoming involved in other company projects). In addition, one of our performers is Deaf and, as a result of his involvement, 50% of our shows will be ASL interpreted.

Affordable and Accessible: 12 of 21 performances (a total of 610 seats) are either entirely free for audiences or are “Play-Then-Pay,” where attendees see the show and determine their own ticket price afterward. This is to continue our promise to keep ticket prices "low" as determined by the patron ("audience integrated pricing").

At the time of its premiere, around 150 “audience members” will have actively contributed to the creation of Toast, making it a uniquely “crowd-sourced” theatre production.

Your artistic contributions brought the show from conception to script. Your financial one, no matter the size, will take it that final step to production. Join us!