Edwin's Edifying Educational Euchre Encounters

Support the E5 Elite in Supporting the 20th Quinquennial


As you know, the E5 is the Tuesday/Thursday counterpart to my M/W/F Bridge Bonanza Brigade (B3). You may recall that the B3 was represented in the last Quinquennial's program, and I know my E5 regulars were a bit disappointed that I didn't also take the opportunity to try and bring in new members to our group. The B3 has seen record new attendance as a result of its placement in the 2007 program, and so I spent the last four and change years considering how to best make it up to my fellow explorers of the Euchric mysteries. My conclusion was that this Quinquennial I should put together an advertisement for the E5. However, times have been tough here in the intervening years, and so I need your assistance in achieving this objective.

If you could donate even as little as $5 (that's $1 for each card dealt to a player in a standard hand of Euchre) it sure could help us reach our goal of getting some well-earned recompense for the E5 Elite.

Thank you kindly for your consideration,
Edwin McFarlan